An open letter to Higher Ed Admins

I just gotta give this post some more love. Each time I read it, I love it some more.  This post was actually re-blogged from here .  Want to make sure proper credit is give to the Ed Tech Tattler!

Ed Tech Tattler

Dear Higher Ed Admins,

At a time when most of us here in the United States are facing continuing cuts to education, it’s important to take into account the thoughts and advice of those around you. This is one such piece of advice is from an eLearning Director at a small technical college in the Pacific Northwest.

I know money is tight. I know how much time is spent chasing after grants to avoid the black and keep above water, to ensure students still have access to the best services and the best education possible. As schools move towards offering more and more programs online, this is the advice I have:

Invest in your eLearning Team and Student Technology Support Staff. Invest in Instructional Designers, Multimedia Designers and Trainers, and most importantly, invest in your faculty, permanent as well as adjunct.

The buildings you once built enabled you to build capacity, to add space…

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